AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater Review

If you want to invest in the future of water heater design, the AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater is perfect. Its innovative design, durable build, and many energy-efficient features make it one of the top water heater model on the market. To invest in a water heater that will last you for at least a decade, go no further than this amazing product.

AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater

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Below we will explore few things about AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater  that will help you.

Tons of Heat

Few water heaters provide as long of a heated water supply than this water heater. The product is so popular, that you can easily run 4.5 showers in your home at once at full heat. Additionally, it can provide up to 142 gallons of hot water before it starts cooling down. With this power, you would expect your energy bill to skyrocket, but that simply is not the case. Overall, the manufacturer estimates that this product only ends up costing you around $226 in energy costs a year.

Efficient Design

This residential water heater has a high capacity storage tank, which allows its heating pump to operate at a more frequent and efficient rate than competing models. Due to this, the water heater heats your home’s water supply with ease. In fact, it is estimated that you save up to 65% on your monthly water bill after switching over to this amazing product. After all, who doesn’t like saving money while you lead a more comfortable life?

Permaglas Glass Coating

When you’re investing in a high-quality water heater, the price tag can be intimidating. With this in mind, you want to invest in a tank that is highly durable. Thankfully, the AO Smith PHPT-80 Water Heater is highly efficient in this area. The product’s Permaglas glass coating helps to protect its steel tank from corrosion, and other environmental factors that can confront the tank over its lifetime. If you want a water heater that will last for years to come, this is the product for you.

Multiple Operating Modes

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The AO Smith Residential Water Heater features several different operating modes. This ensures that you can find the exact setting for the highest efficiency in any situation. Overall, you get access to the following modes: efficiency, hybrid, or electric. Each one of these modes matches a different set of heating requirements. They are intended to not only heat your home more effectively but to help protect the environment as well.

Highlighted Features
● High Capacity Tank
● 2.3 Energy Factor
● Meets Energy Star Requirements
● Dehumidifies Your Home Environment
● Reduces Water Cost Up to 65%
● Vacation Mode
● Prevents Freezing Damage
● High-End Model
● User-Friendly LCD Display
● Powered Anode
● Heat Pump Technology
● Two Heating Elements
● Innovative Design
● Environmentally Conscious
● Cool Ambient Air
● Multiple Operating Modes
● Backup Electric Elements
● Permaglas Glass Coating

● If you want a tank that is extremely self-sufficient, the 2.3 energy factor rating and vacation mode technology make this residential electric water heater right up your alley.

● Have you had issues with freezing damage in the past? The AO Smith PHPT-80 prevents freezing damage with its innovative design.

● Since it is highly efficient, you can save up to 65% on water costs by installing the AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Water Heater in your home.

● Although it is one of the most full-featured and efficient water heaters on the market, the AO Smith PHPT-80 model is much more expensive than the competition, putting it out of the reach of some consumers.

● Some users have complained that this Residential Electric Water Heater’s operation can get noisy when it is being pushed to its limits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How many showers can the AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater heat at the same time?

A. Given its powerful design, the AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater can easily heat 4.5 showers to a comfortable temperature at once.

Q. What is the weight and dimensions of this Electric Water Heater?

A. While the AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater is heavy, coming in at 355 pounds, its relatively compact dimensions (24.5 x 24.5 x 81.5-inches) makes it compact and easy to fit into any storage closet.

Q. What is the function of the AO Smith PHPT-80 Water Heater’s powered anode?

A. The AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater’s powered anode ensures that your tank functions properly for at least a decade.

Final Verdict

Almost everything about the AO Smith PHPT-80 Residential Electric Water Heater is suited to a high-class home. Even if your home is modest, the effectiveness of this water heater will revolutionize the comfort of your water system. Not only will you never run out of hot water suddenly again, but you will save money in the long run. While this model may be highly expensive, your wallet will thank you for a decade from now.

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